Tuesday, October 19, 2010


So I've wiped the slate clean with my blog. When I think about it now I'm not too sure why I did so, but there was nothing of importance so nothing will be missed.

It has been raining on and off all day today. At one point, when I went outside to catch the bus to work the sun was shining so brightly I almost couldn't keep my eyes open...or at least I thought it was. Yet, albeit it was so bright it wasn't the least bit warm. Of course all this was temporary. Suddenly it became cold and rainy again. My baby Claude (he's my little spider) and I tried to keep warm, but Claude has his jar and it temperature probably doesn't faze him just like everything else doesn't. Do you get cold Claude?

Times like these reminds me of how nice it would be to have a lovely, warm coat. I have one, but it is school coat; old, freakishly ugly, and doesn't keep me warm enough. I want a nice one; the kind the little girls where in those old movies while they line up with other children to meet Santa Clause at Macy's. The kind girls wear when they go ice-skating during the Victorian era. Something that looks very much like this:

My dream coat. Look at that gorgeous detail! I would buy this in a heartbeat. Sadly, buying based upon a bodily function is not for those who just don't have the money. Like me. And it's sold out on Qutieland! Perhaps I should ask Santa...

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  1. You should definitely look for it on taobao and ask a shopping service to see if they can order it :) But yeah, I internet-window shop and it hurts!!