Monday, January 24, 2011

1 Can of Biscuits...

The pace my life is going is becoming slower, and slower, so there isn't much too blog about. I think this is now just a diary. Yesterday I went grocery shopping on my own for the first time. I know that doesn't sound super exciting, but it was a learning experience finding good deals and taking avantage of sales on a $25USD budget, figuring out what you need versus what you want. I went over-budget by a measly two cents!

Designing clothes is becoming a little hard as well. Naturally I want to be unique, but I am being influenced by a lot of things and ideas, it's hard to choose. Sometimes I wonder what do I like the most...My newest inspiration are ballerinas. Second runner up is mori-girl, and of course the controlled variable is lolita. Perhaps I'm thinking too hard...?

In the meantime, my best friend let me borrow her copy of Hetalia on DVD. It's keeping me in stitches! Oh, America!

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  1. To solve the problem of global warming we must build a giant man to block the sun!

    I've always wondered what it would be like to get to do all the grocery shopping with a set amount, if I was organised I think it would be fun (+ shopping lists).

    I thought I had commented on this blog before but apparently I haven't so, hello!