Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Ah, there are two things that I need to do that are on a time schedule, in other words "Do eet nao"...

Finish drawing ten designs by February. I am finding it easy to come up with designs that are not just lolita designs (thank you Ai Yazawa for your inspirational manga!)Unfortunately I can't draw a fashion figure to save my life...Now I really can not wait for class in February so then I'll know! I'll post what I have soon.

And...Start on that manga that I said I was going to create...At least the conceptual art? Or write it out like a novel? I need more paper

I'm still working on those other goals, like get skinny. Speaking of which, there is another reason why I want to lose weight. COSPLAY! I always wanted to cosplay; it's like another form of art that I would love to partake in. I don't do it now because I felt that I did not have the right body to do so considering 99% of female anime and game characters are thin, or fit, rather. As a plus-sized girl I can probably be an Animal Crossing character, now that I think about it. Hmm...

The accordion, since it cost soooo much, is going to be on hold until I have a career where I'll make a lot of money for an apartment and the accordion and then some.I still have time on this Earth! So I think I will use the money I have so far to do some much needed shopping and go to Anime Expo this year, maybe.

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