Saturday, February 12, 2011


I have not posted in a while. I do apologize, but I've been in school for fashion design and illustration. So far I find it quite easy, but there is a lot of homework. Trade Tech, the school I'm attending, is cramming what takes about for years into only two. The downside is all the supplies I need. Over a hundred dollars for art and sewing supplies alone! My grandmother is going to kill me, she's the one who buys my books and materials since I do not have a job.

I follow Squeenix (Square Enix) through Facebook, and their latest post was about a unisex perfume made with the image of Cloud Strife in mind BEING ON SALE. Laughs ahoy!

Any thoughts? Personally I love Cloud (can you say "sexy"?) and I am a fragrance freak, but I'm not entirely sure if I want it. Besides it is expensive! They also have a Sephiroth perfume too, but I am definitely passing that up; dude creeps me the f*ck out! I wonder if there will be a Squall/Leon perfume or even one for Tifa...?

In more lolita related news, I'm at odds about Angelic Pretty's new French Cafe series.
Skirt/Apron version
I usually don't go for AP's clothing because they tend to be overbearingly sweet and my wardrobe in more or less on the classic-side. However, I find this to be quite cute in a Emily Temple Cute kind of way. But I am worried that it might clash with what I have now, even if I get it in black. I'd probably opt for a skirt, maybe the mini-skirt version (Although I am bit weary of mini-skirts on my plus-sized body.) I'm sure Dream of Lolita will make a replica of the entire series within the next week!

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