Sunday, March 20, 2011


Once again I have neglected this diary. I am sure most of you are disappointed, but so am I; Only two classes and I am kept very busy and exhausted. I only enjoy one class...But this time is my time and I shall put my school-life aside for the moment.

As you can see I did manage to find time to start writing again, if not only for this short period. I would love to fully get back into not only blogging but also story-telling! I have finally gotten a chance to enjoy the works of Edward Gorey, and I am just ENAMORED with his stories and illustrations. I love  "The Gashlycrumb Tinies" (this is a must read!) and  "The Tuning Fork", which I have found a nice narrated animation of it on Youtube. Youtube can be amazing sometimes!

I found myself basing my style off of not just Gorey's illustrations, but Tim Burton's art, Lemony Snicket, and Katy Towell's "Childrin R Skary" animations as well. I just love the idea of melancholic children's books. Perhaps even though some are written simply--because, of course, they were intended for the very young although the themes scream otherwise--the stories are well thought out more than most young adult books. Cliques? Labels? I do not care about any of those things and never will. I prefer things that are more

I also just like creepy stuff in general. I've started a collection of needles. So far I have over 55+ needles! But back to the style part...I found a dress that I think reflects the spirit of dark children's books:

This dress is from Antique Beast, an small Gothic and ero-lolita brand from Japan that is slowly becoming more popular. Obviously it is very simple; velvet button down dress with a mock-turtleneck. Most dark children's books are drawn simply just like how they are written. In addition, some of these stories, specifically Edward Gorey's, take place some time between the Victorian 
era and maybe the early 1900s. I'm looking to buy this dress actually...


  1. I'm glad you updated. :D

    And I love the font you use. Random, but true.

  2. Antique Beast is soo elegant, I love it! I really like creepy things too ; o ;