Thursday, December 30, 2010

♪ Nanaaaa, Na Na Na Na Na Na Naa...Nan Nana Na Na Naaa...♪

Why hello there, how art thou? I wrote a post on EGL about blogging, with the help of the good people of the comm, for the good people of the comm. I'm no expert on the subject--I'll post crud from Youtube in a minute!--but since there were a lot of new blogs popping up and a lot of dead blogs in the past I thought I'd do a "guide". I like to be helpful when I can, and I learned a lot myself! No more center alignment!

I've also added Disqus, a widget that enable me to respond back to your comments. Strange though, when I look at the blog I don't see your comments. But the good thing is I technically still have it on my dashboard-thing, so not a huge loss there.

That's about it for the blog stuff. I'm planning on buying the first two Katamari games for my PS2 tomorrow. Man, my  best friend Serenity had the first, Katamari Damacy, and I. Fell. In. LOVE! The the characters are adorable (I love all the cousins! I can name almost all of them), and gameplay is very simple, but very fun and funny! When I get more money I'll buy rest of the series. Hopefully it'll still be available; Unless it's a really bad game, video games typically have a very short "shelf-life".

But I think the biggest part of the experience is the music! It's not cheesy, cutesy game music that matches the vivid colors of the game, and of course it's not the other extreme either (rolling to METAL?!?)The soundtrack is a nice mix of music that's perfect to put in your MP3 player: J-pop, jazz, electronic, kids singing...cutting-edge stuff. What is your favorite video game?

 This is my favorite song from the OST!

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