Monday, January 3, 2011

Rafflesias and Resolutions

Yes, I did rename the blog. I tend to do that...not sure why, but I do. Don't mind me I am a weirdo and is easily influenced by certain things. But you are probably wondering what a rafflesia is. It's one of those I-have-seen-it-before-but-do-not-know-the-name deals. A rafflesia (rafflesia arnoldii) is a ugly/beautiful parasitic flowering plant that smells so bad it is described as rotting flesh, thus giving it the nickname "Corpse Flower". They normally grow in certain rainforests in southeastern Asia and tend to grow quite large in size, also making it the largest flower in the world. It always have exactly five petals.
A real rafflesia. You know, the petals remind me of salami or pepperoni a lot.

Gloom and more-so Vileplume's design were inspired by rafflesias. Who knew!

If you play Animal Crossing:Wild World (DS), and you badly neglect the condition of your town , a rafflesia will pop up. I've had it once...Never.Again.

Anyway, three days into 2011! I was supposed to start working on my most important goal, losing a ton o' weight, but got a little lazy and started today. As a confession, I've been neglecting my image for years now and my self-esteem died in 3rd grade. I'm very interested in the lolita and Dolly-kei fashion, but physically I feel like I don't do any of them justice so I don't wear the clothes yet (but don't get me wrong, lolita is not the only reason why I want to lose weigh, of course). Oh, that was kinda deep and personal, excuse me.

My other resolutions:
  • Earn more money. 'Nough said.
  • Get out more. I'm painfully shy. I've never been to a meet up or just go out for my own enjoyment.
  • Learn to sew like a champ. This is a big one! If I knew how to create wonderful dresses that fits my big butt that looks like Brand, I won't have to buy Brand! A sub-goal is to try to recreate some past dresses by BTSSB that I've missed out on--namely the "hardcore" ones--like these two. I adore the Gothic aesthetic, but Baby was my first love. So pretty... 
  • Become a Beauty Queen. Not literally. When I grew up as far as beauty tips went I was taught the most basic thing ever: hygiene. That was it. Sure it's invaluable but I wasn't sure how to do my own hair, take care of it, how to use makeup or even figure out my own skin type! My self-image was a wreck before I even knew what it was. I have to start over and teach myself.
Another thing I want to do is take a page out of Tasha Tudor's book and partake in more domesticated activities and crafting. It's not really a resolution, more like something I have always wanted to do but couldn't. I want to bake my own bread (I'm a totally breadie), create accessories a-la Dolly, and make my own lace! Oddly, the older I get the "slower" I get. I'm into much more "simpler" things and I'm only 19. I should stop being so influenced by classic fairy-tale illustrations. Darn you, Arthur Rackham (and others)!

It is a new year. What do you ladies and gentlemen want do? What are you going to do?

Oooh, there is a lot going on in this post!

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