Monday, December 20, 2010

The Ugliest Princess in the Land...

Would you like to know a secret? I love this dress.
My word!
This strangely charming dress--this "Rolls Royce" of Ita dresses-- speaks to my love of all the manga that influenced me to dress--no, become a lolita. Ah, it is a shame that every variation of this dress is poorly executed: the worst lace, wrong shape, overly-large bell sleeves and why are those buttons there?! This dress always, ALWAYS gets a bad wrap and everyone steers clear from it...except the most tasteless of otaku (I am an otaku and I am sorry for saying it like that, but I'm afraid it's true.)

I wish that one day I will have a dress like this. A more beautiful version than what is being sold now. I want to display it proudly on me or maybe even in my home on a pretty mannequin. This shall be my first major project when I finally learn to sew.

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