Thursday, January 6, 2011


Just a quickie post before a real one.I would like to take this time to thank all 6 people that voted on the poll! Unfortunately for me I've noticed the question was inedated with typos too late, and .Blogger would not let me edit it because someone voted already! It was an eyesore for me...

I really want to comment about the "Hot Guys!" option. If you didn't know this already, that was a JOKE option! I was surprised when someone clicked it; I admire your honesty, Anonymous! Sooooo, in honor of that here is a guy or two for you!
If you are one of those girls who love "Princes" (It's okay, I'm one of you.)
...If you think animu guys are megas hotter than "carbon-based" lifeforms. 
...If you like more well-known gentlemen (Like Johnny Depp.)
...Well, this one's for me. Teehee~
More to come soon, like, real posts! Oh and the second picture is from my (second) favorite artist, Sakizou (my first is Yoh.)

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