Sunday, January 9, 2011

Like a Real Diary

Hello one and all. How are you? This isn't really a blog anymore, more like a diary with lolita and otome-kei in-between. That's okay though. Everyone needs an outlet right? I really need one. I even changed the layout! I was inspired by Jane Marple's Jam collection(?). I'd love to wear their clothes, but from my understanding buying from them as an oversea customer is like searching for the Holy Grail--it is not easy!

As of late I've been thinking about...a lot of things! First off, I want to learn how to play an instrument before I die, so I chose to play the accordion (Just like Yuka from Kokusyoku Sumire!) It's not the typical choice since they are considered kind of dorky; most people like to play more "Rock Star" instruments like the guitar or the drums or the popular piano for the more classical inclined, but I love the way accordions sound. They can sound creepy or cutesy or just plain elegant depending on the song, and so stereotypically French!

As you can well imagine, accordions are one of the more expensive musical instruments (not to mention not as "readily accessible"as guitars and drums and violins) . I am literally saving every penny I can find! Over $1,000 for this one, but it's so pretty!

"Morgane" Diatonic Button Accordion by Hohner.
Obviously expanding my empty wardrobe will be out of the question, but I can wait. I'm pretty patient when it comes to certain things. Obviously, owning an accordion is only half the battle.

Now the second thing I've been thinking of: people in general. Right now my friends are at Anime LA, a small-scale anime convention in Los Angeles. I'm not joining them because for one I do not have the money and I'm becoming more and more of a recluse each passing day, thus making me SUPER lonely. I don't even want to see my own friends anymore; I don't hate them, I just can't. I used to go to cons, but all those people--albeit friendly--make me nervous. It doesn't help that my mom gets mad at me for being this way, but it seems like she is always mad...I'm almost used to it now. What can I do?

Lastly, on a lighter note I am designing more. I've read the entire Paradise Kiss manga for the fifth time, just for the gorgeous clothes. Miwako and her older sister Mikako continue to be a source of inspiration for me. I wish Happy Berry was a real brand, such cute clothes. Ai Yazawa is very talented. Jane Marple and Innocent World is inspiring me as well. I'm glad I have a wealth of beautiful labels to inspire me at my disposal. I will be going back to school in February to take fashion design! I cannot wait!

It is midnight now! I should get to bed.

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